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Americana: The Card Game is out now!


Try your hand at the American Dream in AvianRampage’s first-ever release! Americana: The Card Game is out now on TheGameCrafter.com. Ships internationally. Get your copy today!


Hello, American citizen! Do you have what it takes to achieve the American Dream during America's Golden Age?

A newfound national identity of consumerism during the 1950s and '60s may have made it look easy, but this was a time of war, nuclear weapons, discrimination and violence, and even illegal CIA mind control experiments.

Never fear! Americana: The Card Game makes it easy to try your hand at the American Dream with a historical take on issues such as race, gender, socioeconomics, and more. But of course, even in the land of the free, some of us have advantages over others...


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While [Americana: The Card Game] is tackling heavy issues, it is served with an ironic humor while still being respectful. The art is charming and the overall design aesthetic is meant as a callback to the era.
— Rebecca Rothschild, Sugar Gamers

How To Play


The goal of Americana: The Card Game is to achieve the American Dream. This is done by playing cards over the course of the game that add up to 10+ points. There are a variety of cards from different categories such as Race, Gender, Government, and so on, with different positive and negative point values. Players take turns drawing and playing cards until someone achieves an American Dream score of 10+ points. On your turn…

1. Draw a card

Draw a card from the deck and add it to your hand.


2. Play a card

Play a card from your hand toward your American Dream. You must play a card, even if it reduces the overall value of your American Dream.


3. Take action!

Most cards have action text. After playing a card toward your American Dream, complete any action outlined on the card.


Great for parties and the classroom!


Americana: The Card Game is straightforward and easy to learn, with enough replay value for more dedicated hobbyists to enjoy. Games can be played with 2-6 players, ages 12+, and take ~25 minutes to play.

It’s not just fun and games—Americana: The Card Game explores issues such as race, gender, socioeconomics, and more. With Demographic Cards that give some players advantages over others, players are encouraged to question the premise of the American Dream.


There are 108 cards in Americana: The Card Game, including 90 unique cards. This means that there are 90 unique illustrations and historical facts in a single deck of Americana: The Card Game! Players will likely learn something new with every game played.


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